Final Workshop: FLLinNZ

My FLLinNZ year is is nearly over. This week is the end of year workshop and presentations from each of the 15 FLLinNZers. Some highlights . . .

Merrolee. Dunedin Poly.
Communities of Inquiry – not a private journery, Learning ‘with’ not ‘from’.
I was interested in her connectedness with the Occupational Therapists who are the target of new Government certification requirements.
“Keeping up with what’s going on is not easy”

Bronwyn. Dunedin Poly.
“Six months in a leaky boat” and this neat little animation –
Aussie Flexible Learning Leaders: focusing on client engagement and embedding flxible learning
Etienne Wenger: Got to cause a little chaos.
Plus lots more. A remarkable summary of the key researchers she encountered over the year. If her presentation goes online, I’ll post a link.

Nicki: CPIT
“The year was about finding priorities and sorting out what is important”
E-fest: coming back and figuring out “What is the one thing you would like to tell your CEO?
Peter Cammock (Self care – other ways to reframe our lives) and mentoring (“powerful, an authentic professional development strategy”) a highlight.
Leadership insight: “you can’t be all things to all men” More to come . .

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