Retreat II

This was time out, originally supposed to be time out with a dozen or so others, but dipped down to 2. Noel and me at Sister Evelyn’s retreat house. This overlooks miles and miles of beach and sea, curving out of sight towards Kaikoura.

I spent some time regularly just watching the sea. This is a message to some of my buddies (You know who you are!!): “You are still working a little too hard, and not taking time out to reflect.”

It took a day to realise why the sea had such an effect on me. It was the height, the absence of any choppiness – and the huge expanse, with these long slow waves that passed by into where a few surfers puddled around.

And the expanse itself. There is not much to see, sky and sea blending into one, birds – but constantly shifting. Two boats on Sunday morning completely blew the quiet though . . .

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