Athena Montessori College

This little gem of a school is based in downtown Wellington, has gone from zero to 80 pupils in 18 months. I’d always associated Montessori with wooden kids toys.

I was wandering along Willis street last week during my prowl around the MoE in Wellington when I first saw the sign, wandered in the open door that turned out to be a fire escape left open. No adults around, just a bunch of kids all gainfully employed.  At 4.30pm mind you.

A superb environment, and a lot of fun and learning going on. Seems some people work in town and drop the kids off, picking them up on the way home. Funny really – in such a people centred place (met two marvellous teachers, AKA guides) – I came back three times on three different days and never managed to met the principal.  He was always in a meeting.

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