2006, and a New year

Boring title, I’m working late, had a long day. This week and over the next three the folk down the hall will post out 20,000 plus items. Such is the joy of flexible learning. I have only one thing left to do: a CD for the Grad Diploma. Then I re-surface. This blog post is just a summary really. Full detail may follow . . .

Had a holiday. May post some snaps.

Interersted in the articles in last week’s time mag. Multitasking (it’s not good for you) and the Power of an Aging Brain (good since a signbificant milestone in December).

And Feuerstein, an educational theorist. John Gourley is working with my and my son, using some of his formulations. [See next post]

Blogging. Interact has blog.

There is a good chance I’ll post on these other topics soon.

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