Intranets for schools

I discovered a list I wrote in 2000. Features I’d like in an intranet . . . I think I owe some of these ideas to discussions with Graham Warburton.

A picture of a fully developed intranet

Monday 3rd July 2000

  1. A medium to communicate information – all sorts of administrative stuff for staff – all sorts of curriculum stuff to kids and parents, daily notices, events for kids such as Science summer schools information etc etc.
  2. A way of quickly accessing teaching programmes and resources eg labs, worksheets, videos, pictures, applications such as datalogging, graph analysis, etc etc. One click and you are there.
  3. A way of helping kids revise – objectives, summaries, on line check tests.
  4. A ways of quickly getting remote events into the school and homes eg Kokiri (outdoor ed) experiences etc
  5. A way to save paper – assignment on the intranet. Kids can access it anytime. – even when away – takes the hassle out it the paper war for teachers too.
  6. A way of sharing students on-line presentations.
  7. A way to access stuff from home for staff and students.
  8. A way of giving students remedial work by them being able to view a video on a technique such as soldering correctly, or how to slice carrots.
  9. Breaks the “same time-same place” requirement for learning.
  10. Seamless and precise integration of web access – when it’s needed. (More than just a list of web sites, but specifically targeted pages)
  11. Enables collaborative document sharing

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