FLLinNZ: more workshop presentations

Philip Roy: Massey University.
Theme: Online Videoconferencing and video streaming. (And it’s not all ‘online’) – a quote: “Videoconferencing compares favourably with other methods of teaching”

Contacts include: Ectus – Edith Cowan – University of Adelaide

Has met up with Michael Coghlan (His Blog)

Had fun with a webinar on May 27th 2005, the first in a series: “This series of interactive webinars will explore the characteristics of the “Net Generation” and how they learn; provide an opportunity for us to hear perspectives from an international panel of students; and foster a discussion on how to develop faculty to meet the challenge” tdu.massey.ac.nz/pdfs/NetGenPromo2005.pdf

His website: elearning.massey.ac.nz Quite a nice little ‘add a bookmark’ facility in the research section.

plus: nzmac.com/ (Phil’s spare time activity)

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