Wondering how to cope with Web 2.0

I’ve established to my satisfaction that Web 2.0 has some meaning, not sure exactly what. I could say “400 web applications can’t be wrong”. There is still debate. But that’s OK.

Me2Web2 is the term I’ve seen for yet another thing someone has done to copy something web 2.0someone else has done. This has generated a LOT of apps – but there are some doozy little apps that are totally different.

Here is my list of web 2.0 lists.

  1. All Things Web 2.0 THE LIST. This is actually a copy from another page by by Bob Stumpel, et al at OpenBC, but the link was dead. I didn’t count them, but copying the list into an excel table took more than 1200 lines. 1200 web 2.0 or web 2.0 wannabe apps!!!
  2. Don Hinchcliffes notes on the best of web 2.0 2005
    And on the same blog: The addenda
  3. And Ask the eConsultant Top 907 Web 2.0 sites.

Not quite exactly what I want though. 1200 names is too much – I’ve been through blinky, vistaglance, lazybase, blummy, backpack and doodle to name just a few, and just have not had the time to follow them up properly, and have not been able to quickly find some definative comment on them on the web. Tons of blogs with meaningless “me to” “what about xxx?” and “Looks like another version of xxx to me” type posts. The best bets continue to come via personal contact.

What I’d like is a good, compact website listing web 2.0 things with aggregations of user comments on these. Maybe an aggregation of tags sort of thing. A web 2.0 type list of web 2.0 stuff.

One comment on “Wondering how to cope with Web 2.0
  1. Chris Smith says:

    Maybe this page will help …. especially as a web 2.0 and Education theme …


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