CoPs and Blogs

There are two specific discussions involving Blogs I am interested in at the moment:

  1. The differences between online journals, blogs and forums.
  2. The relationship between bloggers and communities.

“CoP’s and Bloggers” was my last minutish presentation at BlogHui, and I shared briefly on the Saturday, which was day 2.

I used the same slideshow on communities that I had created for e-fest last year. Stunned silence at the end of it at BlogHui. They had little to say on the key question “What are the key facets of community, have you ever been part of a real community, how does it feel?”
Maybe I shouldn’t have been suprised, this was a bloggers conference after all, and there were more typical bloggers present than a-typical.

Kai Koenig had told his story on day one: The macromedia blogs. This constellation of several hundred blogs has all the hallmarks of a genuine community of practice: identity, belonging, care for the domain, shepherding of the practice, informal emergent membership, discipline of members who get out of line. Etc. So there is at least one community build around blogging tools.

Things have moved on a lot: what I’d have said in May 2005 (BlogTalk Downunder) has now changed a lot.

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