Open source cross platform DTP

I’ve just discovered an open source cross platform Desk Top Publishing program.


I’d wondered why I had not come across it.  OS X port in 2005, Windows Port in 2006, originally Linux – that’s probably why.  Looks good with just a short tinker, has understood the paradigm of DTP (which is NOT word processing), has a good community, frequent updates and good documentation.

6 comments on “Open source cross platform DTP
  1. Nice find Derek! I’m downloading it now. All going well, I’ll have a few screen recordings of it soon…

  2. Chirnside Derek says:

    Leigh, thanks for this.
    I’ve now nearly finished my first full document, and it’s going well. Just printing to go.

    I should note I started in word. Wanted to get some A4 > folder A5 booklet functionality going that I have used on and off and it ALWAYS had a printing bug.  Like back to 2000.  Guess what!!  Google groups searching shows the bug is still there and unfixed.

    Scribus did it fine.

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