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Alex Boschmans discovered yesterday I’d commented favourably on his blog design, but with a little throw away comment on the Google Ads.

Alex’s comment:

It’s true, I admit it, I put a google ad on my frontpage. But it’s supposed to be just the one wee small text-ad, it shouldn’t take up much space…
I can’t see it myself, either Google or my work proxy is blocking it..
Please let me know if this is not the case and you are getting something humongous, that’s not what I want…

Alex, since you cannot see it, here is what it looks like:


I presume this is what you want.  It is small and discrete . . .  and obviously the Google algorithm to detect words on the page is working.  I looked at the page a few times, and found there can be sometimes 2 ads, sometimes one. Hey – it’s not too bad.
Anaconda.  By the way, I read Alex’s comments on the Anaconda theme. (Which is the theme I use as well) “Also, it bothers me that they want to make some money out of it, when their theme seems to be assembled from other, freely available themes that are GPL…” and “The forum was is full of spam”.  Yes.  I noticed this (and yes, they have fixed the spam problem).  I was less worried about this than the fact that there were lots of OLD questions on the forum unanswered. Things have improved a lot now, but the replies are usually by guests rather than the guys from home base . .  which is OK again. They have Google adverts to, but scattered inside their posts as well, and not just one or two but lots . . .   I hope they do OK.

Book reading plugin.  One of the strengths of WordPress it the plugins.  Alex uses Now Reading from Roblog.  (and this blog has Google ads across the top even more prominently placed).  From Alex’s blog . . .
books-im-reading.jpg \

This is quite cool.  Links to Amazon, and has some quite complex incarnations like this blog:   Kind of like your own personal Shelfari on the edge of your blog.  Mark Bernstein’s was the first blog I saw featuring current reading, and I’ve often meant to do something about this.  Do I want another plugin to maintain when I have other things I have yet to do?

Alex, your blog is OK, the ads are discrete as you want.  (How can you survive not being able to see your blog??)  Have a Nice day.

2 comments on “Blogs, Adverts and Books.
  1. Hello Derek,

    thanks for the feedback on my blog. I didn’t actually meant that I could not see my whole blog, but rather that the advert doesn’t show up for me, so the Google ad is always just a small empty text box. I have only seen the actual adverts once or twice in the beginning.

    As for what the ad actually displays, that is very strange. I don’t have any discussion on dishwashers on my page, so I don’t think the actual advert is very relevant.

    Either my interests are too wide and it can’t focus on just the one thing or the link between the page elements is not correctly working for Google, which is quite possible.

    I sense that there is something about adverts that you don’t quite like ? Would you care to explain or expand a bit more on this ?

  2. rob says:

    Hosting costs money, and I pour quite a lot of time into developing my WordPress plugins. I’d rather have some unobtrusive adverts on my website than charge for my plugins and other programs (I do have a donation page, but no one seems to use it), and I’m sure my users prefer that route too.

    Feel free to Adblock them if you don’t like it, though: it’s no skin off my nose.

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