Tags in delicious are not bookmarks

Last year my laptop was reimaged, and I’m just getting some basics sorted – like some Firefox plugins for delicious. I still have not found what I’m looking for.

I tried a plug-in I had not seen before. Delicious Bookmarks.

This extension integrates your browser with del.icio.us (del.icio.us/), the leading social bookmarking service on the Web. It does this by replacing the default bookmarking functionality in Firefox with a new experience that offers the following advantages:

– Search and browse your bookmarks
– Access your bookmarks from any computer at any time
– Keep your bookmarks organized with tags
– Share your bookmarks with friends or anyone on the Web
– Import your existing Firefox bookmarks

Installing did not go smoothly – twice. Firstly it hung somehow, so I followed the instructions (“Uninstal and it will restore your bookmarks”) and uninstalled it, to find it synced with my profile bookmarks (ie the desktop Firefox) and I lost the 512 sites I keep current. No matter, imported from backup. (Whew . . )
Reinstall plugin, does all the right things this time, takes a few minutes to synchonize, but: I loose al the folders, all bookmarks except 17 of them, a seemingly random group. And I have a gazillion tags in a sidebar. Nice. But I decided having done this, this is NOT what I want. For me bookmarks and tags are different.


I use my bookmarks for several different purposes. eg

  • CORE – daily visited sites, the first six open each morning – (course sites I teach into, current projects etc)
  • REFERENCE – frequently visited sites (our homepage, newspaper, TV, whitepages)
  • MORE REFERENCE – specific parts of sites (our staff phone list for instance)
  • PROJECTS – what I’m working on . . . (eg a writing project on educational design)
  • REFERENCE – links to specific pages: classified in folders. (over 450)


I now realise these are different animals: CORE and REFERENCE are genuine bookmarks to sites – the others are better in delicious, pages tagged with multiple tags.
I don’t want my CORE sites in delicious. In fact, when I travel I use Netvibes for my home page, listing the sites I inhabit. All the rest is basically Google or delicious.

I need bookmarks for my basic core sites. And delicious/tagging for pages – maybe several pages in a site, and certainly several tags for the average page.

Not sure whether a combination of delicious tagged pages and bookmarks where bookmarks should be will work for me. I’ve looked at every bookmarks and delicious plug in at the Mozilla site tonight. None of them do it exactly right, or else they are buggy. I think it’s Opera functionality I need.

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