GTD (1) Getting things done.

In case you don’t know what GTD means, it’s the term from Dave Allen’s book and stands for Getting Things Done.
There are a bunch of web sites around to support this, in fact it’s become a cottage industry. :-)  New job, new roles and all that, I think I need a little help at the moment.

At random . .  A summary of GTD.  There are scores of these.
Here are a few links I’ve visited in the last week: 

Comparison with “Seven Habits” – (Rosa Say, )


I have benefited from the Seven Habits over the years, but have faltered a bit with GTD, and it has not taken root in my practices or thinking. What has changed has been a Dave Allen podcast with Merlin of

43folders is one of the premier GTD sites (it is a little Mac oriented)

This podcast detailed two observations:

  1. GTD can fail after 3-4 weeks (and Dave lists a few reasons)
  2. GTD often takes 2 years to really take hold. This I can cope with. I’m now back on the wagon.

Getting Things Done: The Procrastinator’s Version Contains a great summary diagram.

Rosa Say’s Blog has some of her personal story A really interesting read.

So to from Will Simpson:


An interesting article on Stephen Covey with comments on the Franklin Covey merger (USA Today, 2004)


A diagnostic tool for those interested in GTD. Dave Seah has an interesting approach, a little analysis tool to look at time on task, with a neat flash app to support it. Read about it:
The Flash app:

Paper Grid #1:

Paper implementation discussion:

One comment on “GTD (1) Getting things done.
  1. Gavin McLean says:

    Hi Derek,
    I just happened to come across GTD in this blog about World of Warcraft:
    “Seven things I learned from World of Warcraft”

    This other blog has a video made using Wporld of Warcraft to explain the characters in Othello.

    Hope all is well,

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