GTD (2)

This is much later than I intended for a Part Two.  There is much more of a psychic challenge than I ever thought possible.  Dave Allen has talked about this in one of the podcasts done with Merlin Mann.  Someday Maybe.   This basically says “Give yourself plenty of time to come to grips with this and you may need to go round a few times to really ‘get it’ “.  It’s the same old question of creating radical change: there is NO easy option, whether you are loosing weight, exercising or trying to get organised.
MY INITIAL THOUGHTS: After some thought – I want a paper based system that links into electronic/online. I think I’m not really suited to a PDA. Probably web based.
It needs to be a system I can pick up when I lapse. My motto in the homework/study workshops I take is “If you lapse, don’t collapse”.

MY FINAL THOUGHTS (six weeks on) the same but not web based.
From my surfing:

I have actually made huge progress in six weeks.  But more on this another time.

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