Free tools

PDF writer.

Quite a nice little programme: automatically installed as a print driver in Word.  Have created several PDF’s and they all seem very fine.


This is like a personal receptacle for all your thoughts and ideas with a flexible tagging classification system.  Quite remarkable.

From the PR: “EverNote is an ambitious attempt to categorize the uncategorizable. The good news is that with a few exceptions, it actually works. EverNote makes it easy to quickly store and later access typed and handwritten memos, website excerpts, e-mails, phone messages, addresses, passwords, brainstorms, sketches, documents, and much more.”

There are a few people talking about it:

Slacker Manager | Lifehacker | theOfficeWeblog

It’s Windows only (sorry).  There is a new version that will run from a flash drive ($19.95US) It could be what I need to manage the many fragments of work and thinking I generate.  Much better than a folder of files.  It’s OK finding things – search is great, but to flip from item to item quickly is still not seamless.

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