Setúbal adventure

Last year I was part of the Prato Dialogue – at Florence, before an Infometrics conference at Prato. A wonderful time. There was a picture on the old website before it got blown away. We are next meeting in Setúbal, next week, different group, similar style . . .

Leave Saturday 19th May, two days to recover in Setúbal, then some work, then return.

1. THEKA, – Working with some librarians in a leadership project. We are in the middle of a two week ramp up now.

2. Then one day with an EC project on a small reference/evaluation panel.
In the middle, two days of dialogue, just like Florence. Our themes as they are developing:

  1. Higher Education/E-learning and CoPs – Pedagogical practice development for f2f lecturers (especially in Engineering) – Is CoP in HE environment an oxymoron? Are lecturers too entrenched in a research driven agenda for this to even matter for them? Why are they able to see CoP’s function in their areas of reasearch (some times, in some areas) but fail to see this for their students or for their teaching lives? Given this can be a difficult and often resistant environment, how do we help learning communities flourish?
  2. ELearning/Education/Communities of Practice
  3. Technology Stewardship
  4. Monitoring and Evaluation in CoPs
  5. The Relationship Between Communities and Networks
  6. Web 2 platforms; concepts of ‘anytime, anywhere’ learning; pervasive (all round you) computing etc
  7. Graphic Facilitation
  8. Managing reification for learning
  9. Virtual Worlds and Communities of Practice
  10. Community development platforms

How we do it: “The essence of our gatherings is conversations rather than presentations. We are flexible and we can change the subject, since our conversations always return to some basic questions about learning, meaning, identity, leadership, and social processes. We mix whole group and break out sessions. As much of our meeting space is out on the terrace, we will work with the weather – whatever it is!”

Why do I like this?  Everyone should have a dose every so often in knowledge creation, open sharing and dialogue, even if just a small antidote to the dispersal model in the average conference. It’s refreshing and challenging.
We are online at the moment in Moodle, with some really odd and curious translations by Google.

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