The change continues

Things are looking up at work. Educational design may yet feature in some of our institutional goals and priorities in a real sense. We provide a service that is difficult to describe. “We help with course design”.

What is course design? What is Educational Design actually?

I’ve had some really good chats with Mike recently basically around three questions.

  • The first question he asked was this: Just what is Flexible learning?
  • We can at present get lectures recorded.
    The second question hew asked: If you were lecturing (F2F), would you want your lectures recorded? We have some interesting issues to face around this.
  • The third question is the perennial question of staff developers: how do we connect with the staff in our institution?
    We have a day long seminar coming up with workshops and a Keynote from Sandra Wills, CEDIR, University of Wollongong

Other News: FLLinNZ officially finishes at the end of this month. It has been an interesting experience over the past three years.

The last thing I am working on for FLLinNZ is a staff development workshop kit. Two themes:

  • Online learning communities
  • Facilitation

Both with a Web 2.0 flavour. Will be a Creative Commons thing, freely available on the web. This has proved much more of a vexing enterprise that I thought.

What is the best format for this sort of resource? If anyone is interested in having a look at it, let me know.

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