Social software and My Life (Part One)

Unfortunately, The Blogging challenge came one month too early for me. I had set September as my time to re-emerge into the world of blogging, internet accounts and social software after clearing my mind of this major project – the Online Workshop Toolkit (Hoped to have it sorted by the 31st August) – and then pay attention to my online life a little. But I got sick and fatigued, had a trip to ACODE in Brisbane and both were delayed a little.

The latest SCoPE discussion has been timely. Silvia Currie has done a marvelous job (like shepherding cats) of looking after a full schedule of workshops for some months now, and this little interlude has been to ask ‘Where Now?’ I’ve not really taken part, but I have been reflecting on some basics, and enjoying eavesdropping.

Some e-housekeeping:

  • I’ve changed my TALO subscription to each e-mail (rather than digest). Had to change e-mails from CCE to Canterbury. Teaching and learning Online. A great group.
  • I’ve tried to post to Nancy White’s Online Facilitation list, to find my address there was Netaccess, another account I’ve stopped using, fixed this.
  • I’ve sorted out my EDNA account. (Hmm. Not much there actually, lots of half finished stuff)
  • Joined Cathy Gunn’s Distributed Leadership group in EduForge.
  • Facebook. Joined some groups there, and discovered no RSS. (But you guys already knew that . . .) cpSquare, re-established some contact with Andy Roberts, Shirley Williams etc
  • Checked into ::FLNW 2:: and their trip to Thailand.
  • Pruned my Bloglines account a bit, added a few more friends blogs
    (Found the humanized RSS reader, but can’t figure out if it is available for use)
  • Upgraded software on and decided this site was worth keeping.
  • Shifted blog to (still got redirection problems with the URL) #$%^&  – but much cheaper
  • Deleted a whole bunch of stuff, and re-started my Physics Education site
  • Tried to get Qumana going. (A work in progress).  This is the best blogging client I know of . . .
  • Backed up my four regular computers (work desktop, home desktop, old laptop, new laptop) into ONE USB HDD in readiness to rationalise and archive

Part of this was generated by the workshop work. What is needed to REALLY assist folk to engage with a constructivist, community oriented view of learning? What did I need to be doing? How can I also have a life?

Then I read a bit from Neil Postman’s book “Amusing Ourselves to Death”. What information did I really want to take in each day? I stopped our newspaper subscription four weeks ago. (A story I have told a bit here on the SCoPE forum) Can I survive on RSS and Is my network good enough to get me what I want, what I need? (The answer I think is YES, but I’ve neglected this a bit – too many blogs with more than 6 posts unread in Bloglines, and not enough time given to it . . . )

And there is more to come:

  • cpSquare stuff:
    • Case study for cpSquare on funding
    • Finish after work-shop shopping posts with pics from Portugal: Sus Nyrop, Bron and Co
    • Plan visit to Sydney University and to see Bron when on holiday in October
  • Sort Flickr account, try Animoto, put stuff on slideshare
  • Get Qumana going to do better looking blog posts
  • Sort new backup routine
  • Reduce to 2 computers (desktop and laptop), get wireless keyboard sorted
  • Rationalise podcast subscriptions
  • Sort out my role in DEANZ. What networks are still needed here in New Zealand, and what effort is worth making?
  • Decide on focus:
    • Staff Development
    • Educational Design
    • Physics
    • Learning Communities, Communities of practice
    • Leadership
    • Web 2.0
  • Plan trip to China and CNU for physics workshop in December.

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