Is blogging therapy?

I wrote may last post about two hours ago.  This was post #3 after my 30 or so days interregnum.  I spent a month rejigging some of my habits, getting rid of junk and clearing the decks.  Now I’m just catching up with some of the blogs I watch.

After posting and reading, (as well as sorting out some junk in my intray) here is what I observe.

  1. I feel better about reading these other blogs.
  2. I think I am thinking clearer.
  3. I have had two new ideas for projects I am working on now.

I wrote about this in my early blog posts.  “Having a blog, a place to write means thoughts stay in your mind a little longer – incubating, sometimes to actually lead to something”.  If I haven’t blogged about personal reflection and blogging,  I should have.  [I still remember our big project in 2005 where we were developing containers for reflection for students and NONE of the 30+ lecturers involved did any personal reflection]  Now I think blogging (partly because of all the stuff that goes on in your head, and the benefit of connection etc etc) is just plain good for you, especially if your work is to do with ideas.  I chatted with Leigh last week in GMail.  I probably owe this thought to a comment he made.

This is Stephen’s Blog:


A cool byline: A place to write, half an hour, every day, just for me I could surmise: maybe the other blog ( is his work/purposeful blog, Half an Hour is his therapy blog.  Like exercise.  (We do it and feel good, NOT the other way round).  Also: somewhere Stephen has written on writing and the disciplines involved.

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