Blogs: sorted. Wikis: not quite

Wow, wordpress 2.3 is nearly out of beta.  I think the decision is clear: if you need blogs for your institution, WordPress multiuser.  The question is not too clear for wikis.  I’ve been asking this question on the TALO forum: Is there an open source wiki that avoids wiki markup? (and has all the other features: permissions, notify, forums . .)  I think the answer is at the moment No.  At least not a complete solution.

Also, I’ve been eavesdropping on the course Bronwyn, Leigh and Merrollee are involved with in Dunedin. Fascinating!! They (and the participants) are struggling with some very real issues around social software, blogs, wikis, forums. ethics, public/private . .

I was thinking about this yesterday with regard to folksonomies and discovered an old post (2005) by Thomas Van der Waal with a side comment on wikis:

They are a jumping off point, not destinations. They are true conversations, which have very real etherial qualities.

I have had a feeling that for a while the wiki markup etc etc gets in the way of new users.  I’m sure there is some reseach on this somewhere.  But there is the other issue as well: what is a wiki?  What is it really for?  How do we best engage with a wiki?

PS.  From the TALO list, I visited this wiki comparison site. Verhy comprehensive.

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