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I need a new theme. I’ve done a bit of browsing, and decided on something a little less busy than the current theme. I guess I still like Anaconda, and tried Cutline (Number 2 on WordPress Themes) for a while, and Talian. I’ve settled on 1 blog theme. More minimal. I’ve browsed a few of the mega sites like 83 Beautiful WordPress Themes You (Probably) Haven’t Seen And then there is the question of plugins: 10 mission critical WordPress plugins

Three blogs designs I really like . . .

Eli Horne: really minimal.


Ed Merrit: dark, autumn tones, live the fonts . . .

Ed Merrit

Redoable. deanjrobinson.com/wordpress/redoable Cool.


To be frank: I am still a little bamboozled by options. But this theme has a few really good options on the setup page, better than having to do a little code hacking.

PS. A little later.  I’ve also managed to upgrade WP successfully.  Now 2.3.1. Only a few problems with getting redirects sorted out.

One comment on “A new theme
  1. Eli Horne says:

    Hey Derek –

    Thanks for the compliment!

    I’m actually in the midst of redesigning my site and releasing the old theme to the public. Hopefully I can knock out these tasks over the upcoming Turkey Day break.

    Glad that you were able to settle on a theme. It’s such a grueling process, but when things work out in the end, its a great feeling!

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