Lots of thoughts: need to clear my head

I’ve just realised how many draft posts I have had.  14.  Most with several paragraphs of unfinished thoughts.  Some of the topics include:

  • unWorkshop thoughts on Professional Development
  • Nancy White: Competencies for online
  • Web 2.0 & Change Processes
  • E-Fest. Workshop: Creative Online Facilitation.
  • Memories of Setubal
  • Holiday reading
  • Cool Tools: Mindmapping
  • Groups and Individuals
  • F2F Conferences & Online

These were the posts I still have things to say about.  Maybe I’ll do something soon.  meanwhile, at UCTL, we are being restructured (or more properly described, Integrated).  The Learning Support Centre is coming to join the FLG and the ASD.  A great facilitator is helping with the process (Mark McGinn, who has nearly a zero internet footprint).  I’m hoping he will get to talk to us about a side issue “Having the difficult conversations”.  He talked to me about this last week on Thursday.  The same day Steve challenged me over the same thing.

But, change is constant. Just a pity we have so much coming at this time of year when we should be planning.

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