Teachers from China

I met David in March, and now he is helping with translation for my workshop.  He has compiled quite a neat course: “Learning to Learn”.  The message for students is “Take control of your learning”.  The message for teachers is “Let go”.  I was really impressed actually.  He uses a learning style analysis – VAK.  Here is one reference at random:

Learning styles can be broken into three modes: Visual, Auditory (also called Aural or Audio) and Kinesthetic, i.e. V-A-K. Most people have a preferred mode of learning, but we use all three to some extent. Some people can use more than one mode equally as well, and are referred to as Multimodal.

I have used the VARK model.  (R=Read/Write) www.vark-learn.com/english/index.asp

David uses this with his classes in an effort to develop autonomy.  Really cool!!

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