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Just had an e-mail from some of my buddies at cpsquare announcing a January workshop on Community Platforms.  Great Idea.  I’ve been mulling around possible futures for Interact – maybe spin it off as a slightly narrowed aim (not have to worry about all the quiz, gradebook stuff, and concentrate on core business: learning community support).  Still thinking about Moodle as a platform.  It is true: “Community needs a place”.  Why are we taking soi long to get our online platforms sorted?

Dan Randow made a passing comment last week:

Why don’t you just take on a community support role for Interact, and leave the development to others?  Just make sure you have the role of code management sorted somewhere (ie what becomes part of the codebase). . ?

This was a new thought to me.  There is one guy who has said he’s be interested in a role in working with Interact.  I actually have little idea of what the interest is out there – I think there is a need for something.

Today Marilyn Leask passed on this link:

Cop Image Home

 “You can apply for your own workspace on if you are working with a group to support local governnmet improvement ie work in schools and local authorities and communities. If you are not employed in local government then it would help to get a sponsor.

Yet another community platform, quite a nice experieince logging in, (Yet Another Username And Password @#$%).

The Darkside of Communities

On another matter: institutions have a life of their own.  Set up a project, kill off a community.  Sad.  Communities need to be “for the communities”.

ControversyWe helped start a blog with an academic group last semester.  One person in particular posted some neat stuff, even with 70 posts tagged controversy.  He must have done something wrong.  The blog owner (or at least the one with admin powers) dropped by in and no iffs or buts: deleted every post.

It’s hard not to feel “What did we do wrong in our work with these guys?”  Always a danger with institutional blogs etc.

I wonder what the moral of the story is?

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