Fictional Blogging

GE331 at Otago University runs a really cool class activity.

  1. Write collaboratively in a wiki.  (In this case a script for a soap opera)
  2. Blog (in character, in german) for a month.  [This is an interesting genre]
  3.  Shoot the video and put it on YouTube.  (Complete with Bloopers)

See it here:  
Fictional Blogging.  An interesting use of blogs, a little outside of my direct experieince.  I did hear Angela Thomas in 2005:

Fictional Blogging and the Narrative Identities of Adolescent Girls – Angela Thomas -University of Sydney
Abstract: This paper explores the emergence of fictional blogging such as blog novels and the diaries of fictional characters as a new form of narrative construction. A typology of blog fiction is first presented to outline the scope of this emergent genre. The paper then introduces a case study of two fictional diaries kept by adolescent girls who use the diaries as one of the means to co-construct and add depth to their crossover and alternate universe fan fiction based on the fantasy worlds of Middle Earth and Star Wars. The case study examines the range of discursive and social practices used by the girls in their collaborative narratives using a combination of narrative theory and post-structural feminist theory. The paper also explores the ways in which these practices embedded in fiction also reflect aspects of the girls’ real identities.
From Blogtalk downuner:

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