End of Long Dark Tunnel

Basically, I can now look ahead. Our UCTL integration is complete (except that they are thinking of moving our new buddies at the Learning Skills Centre further away and out of the middle of Campus), we have a website (nearly releaseable), the LMS review committee is moving along, we have a wiki to play with, all classes have now started (except one) and there are some good things to look forward to – like this list, for a potential workshop later this month:

People were very excited about this initiative and all  the topics below had at least 12 - 15 keen responses.
Online communities
Wikis, blogs




Video filming and editing

Video-conferencing facilitation

I’ve had a lot to do with some new applications


We have a Drupal install at work. A fascinating product. I talked about this yesterday as well. From today’s surfing . . .


The only open source DTP program I know of that really does serious stuff. I mentioned it last year. Now I am using it seriously.


My interest in wikis continues. There has been a lot of debate on TALO about this. My original request

Is there a decent wiki that meets these criteria:    ???
  1. easy to install
  2. open source
  3. has a decent text editor (ie not using markup)
    1. insert images (and image handling) is easy
    2. insert link to other wiki pages: something decent maybe drop down list
    3. maybe several: my recent pages, recent pages, all pages in my 'workspace'
    4. Upload files
    5. usual bold, bullets . .
    6. Horizontal line
    7. {I can do without decent tables]
  4. Good discussions
  5. Good notify
  6. Good history
  7. good permissions model
  8. pref: several instances off one install
3 is really the problem.
Though we had something with Social Text, but not quite there for 1, nice ditor, then whammo: 'sorry, to upload an image you need to use the advanced editor (ie markup)'         :-(
Media Wiki claims to have some WYSIWYG editors as plug ins or hacks. Wikispaces on our server would be great.

TALO [teaching and learning online, a Google group and some random mashups] is a great place for support for MediaWiki, but . . . ome of the TALO discussion is here.

Wikidot: yet another wiki . . .

I quote:
is a farm of Wiki Sites. Our mission is to provide free and professional wiki publishing, collaboration and communication solutions to anyone who needs it and wants it. In other words — we are giving away free hosted wikis (like your-site.wikidot.com) with lots of features!”

  • sandbox.wikidot.com/ (insert a pagename here) gets you straight into editing mode for a page.
    Not a WYSIWYG.
  • What they say about themselves – www.wikidot.com/tour:what “probably the most powerful Wiki engine available”
  • The syntax: www.wikidot.com/doc:wiki-syntax MW on steroids.
  • Some really cool features. Great forum style. Sad they have not put this energy into MW.

Diigg www.diigo.com/

Undecided about this. Kind of like delicious, highlighting, notes on sterioids, with a bit of facebook thrown in.


Some more cool features in this cool blogging software. Version 2.5 now out.

Other things, Not software

China was great. May go back. The blog of the trip is here. The content of the workshops is here.

More on e-mail

I’ve found Luis’s first post (see yesterday).

Yes, I’m giving up on e-mail! At least, work related e-mail! That’s right, this week I have launched a new experiment, or initiative, at work where I have diverted most of my conversations into social computing and social software tools, both internal and external.

You did what?!?! Yes, I surely did!! Just like you are reading it. Last Saturday I decided that enough was enough and I created a post in my internal blog where I was mentioning that from that day onwards I would not be answering any e-mails, nor write any e-mails myself either, but instead I would make the most out of social software tools and social computing, in general, to get in touch with other knowledge workers and collaborate further sharing and exchanging our knowledge over there.

I know, you can call me crazy now! You can say I am out of my mind, but the truth is that I am now on the 5th day of taking such a radical approach to my daily workload and the overall experience has been tremendous!! In all of those 5 days I have received a total number of 45 e-mails. Yes, you are reading it right!! 45 e-mails!! When normally on a daily basis I would be getting, on busy days, between 30 to 45! A day!! But this time around, things have been different. I have been telling people I will no longer be responding to e-mails, because the more I respond, the more I get. I am sure you have seen and been through that already!

Blogging policies.

I’m not a great blogger. But we are needing some policies on blogging and wikiing. We have NO policies here @ UoC on the web, apart from web standards for official pages. But I have found some great links. I’ve listed them on AKOwiki.

In particular, the 4 key rules from CorperateBlogging.info.

Professional Development Workshops. (Have they passed their use by date?)

In spite of the fact that we are planning a workshop next month, we are looking at some better strategies (ie achieving longer lasting results in terms of real change) .

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