We have our Moodle Trial

I’m really not sure how I feel at the moment, 6 days into our Moodle trial.  Surfing the forums.  A lot of them.  Just wondering where to delve in . . .

We need:

  1. timed release
  2. signups for groups [how can you have a supposedly constructivist enviroment without this?]
  3. student folders for files [ditto!!]
  4. better multimedia handling [Their mps player has no volume of time]
  5. Better text editor


  1. They have a lingo (activity locking) where all I want is timed release like “Show the tutorial answers on Monday, after the tutorials” They are using a sledgehammer to crack a nut.
  2. There are several ways to insert multmedia.  A sound player with NO volume and NO duration – that you cannot stop downloadng the file whether you want to or not.
  3. Few critical help messages in the screens, you need to use trial and error, or check the help. (ie a poor UI)
  4. LOUSY text editor.
  5. Save buttons ONLY at the bottom of screens sometimes.
  6. Uploading of files has THREE approaches in different places.
  7. Extra clicks:  Tons of them.

BUT: then I get some help calls about Blackboard and it doesn’t seem so bad.

Just deciding how to engage in the forums, not finding them quite as helpful or positive as the wordpress forums.  Martin seems to regularly exercise his right of veto with a robustness he really doesn’t need to use. I wonder if it is a different client base: institutions, whereas WordPress is largely individuals.  More installations of WordPress . .  dunno.


  1. Nice wiki (But then Glen loaded the OU wiki that is supposedly better)
  2. Forums
  3. New guy working here.
  4. 5 minute text editor fix sorted.  (I am still waiting for a Blackboard fix from August 2006 to their text editor that I estimate could take all of 5 minutes)
  5. Speed.
  6. Multiple windows.

As an aside, we have not chosen to trial Sakai.  To many show stoppers for us.  For instance, “By sometime in mid-2008 admins will be able to delete forum posts”
Has anyone done a feature by feature comparison Moodle/Bb/Sakai recently?

Onwards. We have a plan, just figuring out how to work the plan.

2 comments on “We have our Moodle Trial
  1. Moodle Confused says:

    Re Moodle: I must admit I cannot see what all the hype is about. I can’t actually see where the advantages are with the open source deal. I can’t code nor want to spend time learning how Moodle works which means I have to pay for a developer or hire a Moodle consultancy, so tell me again, how this is free, what am I saving? Seems the Moodle model is swapping money for time?

  2. Chirnside Derek says:

    Hi Moodle Confused, sorry it has taken so long to get back to you. I was undecided whether you were serious or not.
    Check out the deals for hosted solutions like Catalyst or MoodleRooms. I’m not sure whether I have ever used the term ‘Free’. More flexible, more responsive, cheaper maybe.
    The critical advantages are listed in the post: we can sort problems (or get them sorted) whereas with commercial software (like for instance a typical SMS) we are at the mercy of the owners.

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