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Blog BoutIt’s not been as simple a process to get a new theme as I thought.  Here are a few random links I have traversed in the search for a good theme.

Essential Blogging Resources and Downloads. blogosquare.com/

Blog Tutorials www.blog-tutorials.com/category/design/

An aside, in one of my favourite themes: Cutline: University of Washington Academic advice blog and MP3’s Interesting University blog.

Not just about blogs

Intellectual Property is a Silly Euphamism www.guardian.co.uk/technology/2008/feb/21/intellectual.property

“Intellectual property” is one of those ideologically loaded terms that can cause an argument just by being uttered. The term wasn’t in widespread use until the 1960s, when it was adopted by the World Intellectual Property Organization, a trade body that later attained exalted status as a UN agency.

WIPO’s case for using the term is easy to understand: people who’ve “had their property stolen” are a lot more sympathetic in the public imagination than “industrial entities who’ve had the contours of their regulatory monopolies violated”, the latter being the more common way of talking about infringement until the ascendancy of “intellectual property” as a term of art.

Does it matter what we call it? Property, after all, is a useful, well-understood concept in law and custom, the kind of thing that a punter can get his head around without too much thinking.

That’s entirely true – and it’s exactly why the phrase “intellectual property” is, at root, a

dangerous euphemism that leads us to all sorts of faulty reasoning about knowledge. Faulty ideas about knowledge are troublesome at the best of times, but they’re deadly to any country trying to make a transition to a “knowledge economy”.

Back to themes

From Craphound: How to be Blogged | Comments on quality themes: Free WordPress Themes |Wordpress 2.6 demo site: wp.chrisjohnston.org/

As I said: still very unhappy with the themes I see. Joomla has these themes clubs: www.rockettheme.com/ or www.yootheme.com/

WordPress resources: wordpressmodder.org/resources | Design Disease is pretty cool, I like his style of three column themes | WordPress QuickTag tip | Cool list of 46 ways to use wordpress | Spam trapping methods (with some plugins) | Another controversy over buying and selling blogs: www.wpdesigner.com/

Thats All Folks I did meet a few people this week with an interest in blogging.  Some have given up.  A victim of overload, blogging stress or falling prey to expectations, sometimes self inflicted.

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