E-mail and xobni

XobniI have yet to properly get my anti e-mail campaign underway on all fronts. I’m waging war on a few small areas. The tide is turning here, but in other areas, people are waging a counter attack.  Reminders about an event coming with full attached copies of all the documentation.  One irony is that the topic for one of these committees is wikis.

e-mail patterns

I am convinced there are ’email patterns’ just like there are ‘wiki patterns‘.  We are aware of the basics: like ‘Me to’ e-mails sent to a group, reply all when it’s not needed. e-mail across the corridor etc.  I have a feeling I am going to need some rational presentation of these for my team.  That’s strategy one.  The second is having tools to replace the bad habits.


Today Jess sent me an invite to Xobni (inbox spelt backwards) It looks cool, I will wait a little before I install it. Yet another startup. Just when you thought all the good five letter acronyms were taken. Has an endorsement from Bill Gates.

This is an e-mail app for outlook/pine that clusters emals, sucks out attachments.

I have tried to see an analogy of this.  It could be the swiss watch makers after digital came out.  They spent time trying to make their watches better.  it’s not quite the right analogy.   will try xobni when I get back from a holiday that starts today.

Links from Luis Suarez (who is still on an anti e-mail campaign): From 10000 to 0 Emails in an Inbox in 24 Hours Describing using GMail.  Here is his first comment on lists, which we all know.

Merciless Unsubscribing

Email 101 lessons always say that you should unsubscribe to as many newsletters as you can. I was getting about 50 a week, most of which I didn’t EVER read. The first thing I did on Sunday was to unsubscribe from most of them and delete the majority of past ones that I’d put in my ‘read one day’ folder.

I hate the ‘read one day’ folder.

This post is not finished, just abandoned. . . .  but I want to go on holiday, the family is up, eggs and bacon are on the table.  6 hour drive to paradise.  But I will post anyway.

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