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CoffeeblogThis is a must.  From two individuals espousing the benefits of networked, connected “Free-range” learning, a thing they call a course.

The course – Connectivism and Connective Knowledge – (the wiki is here) will be delivered fully online with a combination of synchronous and asynchronous interaction. Participants who have enrolled in the course will receive feedback on assignments and course work and will receive credit for their work. We are in the planning stages of what will become a Certificate in Emerging Learning Technologies (slated for delivery in January, 2009). Connectivism and Connective Knowledge will count as credit in that program.

Read the post: they are taking on some of the critical issues around learning for learning’s sake and learning for credit.

In summary:

  • If learning materials are freely available, what are learners paying for when they take courses? Are they paying for credit?
  • What is the nature of large scale learning experiences? What is the value created?
  • What kinds of technologies should we use? To what degree are we fully distributed?
  • How can we involve participants before and after the course?

This is cool.

I had tea yesterday with a friend who has a wife studying at an institution I have had a lot to do with.  My friend has described a litany of loose ends and sad experieinces with learning over the months, and his wife has in his words “figured out what she needs to do to pass and is engaged in doing it”. Sad.

I’m signed up for this course.  If we can call it that.  I expect to have a challenging and stimulating time, and sort out a few of my ideas further, and have some fun.  If anyone is interested in a New Zealand – or a Christchurch Learning Cell around this course – please contact me.  I’ve also advertised on the DEANZ blog.

More later . . .

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