Online Life: wikis and forums

Moodle trial is coming along.  People ask “Is it going OK?” and I’m often unsure how to answer.  What is ‘OK?’

There is a feeling, often expressed among the participant lecturers “I’m not really doing much, just using the basics”.  I came in today for the first time this term to find NO e-mails about things to do with Moodle.  Except the Moodle trial meeting.

We have a show and tell this week: Lecturer to lecturer.

One little incident has interested me.  Not to do with trial courses, but in two courses that did start up on the site, both using a wiki and a forum with a task.

We used the minimalist approach both times.

Wiki Minimalism. In wikis you need to understand the three wiki steps:

  1. Click to edit
  2. Edit
  3. Click to save.

and “Here is where your wiki is, here are some pre-defined pages – Go for it”in other words, no big deal about pages, history, rollbacks, notify, camel case . . .

I took for granted they would use the forum for forum stuff.  They didn’t.  Everything went into the wiki, including Hi, how are you? Where is everybody, Hey this is cool . . .

Leigh’s Online Facilitation course on WikiEducator has started.  Need to get into this as well.  In another post.

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