Some of the questions

Wednesday’s post

[I’m sorry to my three regular readers to divert a little into Facilitating Online Communities course comment]

The questions – some of the big and some of the small

Blogs or forums?

Do I go back into facebook?

From Peter: I have no experience with Diigo rooms,  and I don’t know how many do. I was wondering earlier about setting up a FOC08 group on Facebook, but again, don’t know if anyone is on there, and if Diigo is fine then I don’t see any reason to clutter the space and fragment the info.

I think for me the answer is no.

Todays antisocial networking posts via e-mint :  I called but I don’t want to speak | The antisocial network

Are we in any shape or form a community?

One of the things I find fascinating, especially as we go into this next week of study, is the ambiguity or “play” between us as a group of people doing an online course on facilitating online community, and us as a potential (some might say budding) online community ourselves. I certainly find a close relationship in my own work between facilitating and nurturing/developing/“building” online community and for me this question gives context to all the others that have come up for us so far. Amy

Quoting . .  and managing the flow of information.

Netvibes. What a cool job Joao has done. When I saw this page I knew: the tsunami of ideas and thought (and thoughtlets) has hit.

Who am I?

The official question

What is community? This is of course the question of the week.  It’s like the judge said when asked to define Porn: “I know it when I see it”

One response that says a lot: Well done Cristina Costa

2 comments on “Some of the questions
  1. vcautin says:

    Uff, it’s been really difficult for me to answer the official question. I agree with you that we can recognize a community when we see (or join) one , but I would like to know what is it (or isn’t) for you :) Maybe I can inspire from that :)
    I wonder how we are going to produce novel answers when we are getting so many good ideas from so many people.

  2. Chirnside Derek says:

    Violeta, we produce novel answers in part by integrating our own experience. And by synthesising fragments of someone else’s thinking with something of our own – or by creating a link between two other comments.

    Yes, I will post soon on my take . . .

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