Blog meandering in FOC08

Diane Holmes has coined a new word: blogbleary.  I think I felt that way a little last night.  Just getting the feel for a few of the FOC08 blogs.

Greg Barcelon has quite a nice post on his ideas on networks > groups > teams > communities.  He also references the superb little summary at Cheryl’s Blog on virtual communities.

For the second time in two days I had to a blog name.  The insouciant Existentialist – “marked by blithe unconcern” – Trying to post a comment they asked me to join Vox.  (I already am, from some distant past activity) it was just too much for me.  A comment I would have added to the insouciant existentialist

and (you say) inject some structure in nurturing online communities
Is this a good thing?
Is it possible?

I notice in valerie’s Blog she refers to working with communities as herding cats. I am sure there is another blog in the FOC08 list with this in the title, but in my blog surfing I have lost it.

Structure?? .

Lurking.  Deb has commented on Shane’s post.  I do not see Lurking as a problem, but if we all did it . .  I vividly remember my first online class where I was there as a helper to the lecturer.  Met someone in the loos.  They said “I have said things online I never wojuld have said F2F” and “I like having time to think”

Now I think enough. Blogbleary – but stimulated.  Interested to note there were two longer, deeper posts that I just cannot engage with yet – better a serious read after a morning coffee.

What do I want to know?

2 comments on “Blog meandering in FOC08
  1. Diane says:

    Hello Chirnside Derek!

    How about “blog-buckled” (adverb): When a blog browser (noun) is overwhelmed by the content of the information on a blog or several blogs, requiring a dose of strong java-free coffee to clear the head and steady the nerves before plunging back into the web 2.0 fray??! What would you recommend me to read on your blog that is relevant to the FOC? and thanks for dropping by at my stamp-sized blog.

  2. Deb says:

    Hi Derek,
    thanks for your comments on my blog – written back to you over there (not sure about the etiquette – do I come here and talk to you or over there? ) hmm…
    Anyhow – I wanted to say (and forgot) that I really empathise with what you said about school having been mostly injurious to your son’s education. I have the same problem – and it’s most noticeable because his sisters have not had the same experience. Pleased to see he enjoys Media Studies – it does grab a lot of students that don’t feel engaged by other subjects. We like to think of it as a meta subject (no bias of course!)

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