FOC08: the meaning of online community (1)

The homework for this week: “Write a post to your blog with your thoughts about the meaning of an online community and its uses. Include a list of identifying features that YOU would look for when assessing an online group or network for features which make it a community”

I’ve said in another post “I know it when I see it”

I’ve found this quite a hard thing to do.  Got very distracted with the blogs.

1. Bron talked about where we started (F2F initially or some other path?) and said

Although I was a teacher I found this new facilitation role freed me from much of what constrained me in teaching.

Can school/learning migrate into learning community?  Yes.   I woujld give up If I thought otherwise.  Community (online or not) includes the aspects of learning . .  not formal, didactice.  Other kinds.

2. Bron (the other one) said:

I am having a hard time keeping my fingers off the keyboard and not participating

This is a displacement activity for Bron – what she does when she should be somewhere else (writing in this case).  She is supposed to be studying.  Online community/networking is slightly seductive.

3. Do communities need a facilitator?  Vida says this:

It is continuous communication which is the key to being a successful online Facilitator, perhaps not the method of communication.


4. Sylvia introduces a special word:

Since the conversation space opened we have been going through the ritual of introducing ourselves

Ritual.  Communities have rituals.

Thats enough warmup

I may post some more tomorrow.  I have very little that is original.  But I will post on my cylinder theory.  If things work out.

Random Postings . . .

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