DEANZ, Wellington

Another not an FOC08 post.  But I did see Leigh last week (at the Beach in Dunedin) and  at the DEANZ conference in Wellington.

I’d have liked to do another full on workshop here on the bounded community & community issues, but there was not time and I was too late to see about negotiating this.

I am doing a 50 minute session: High Schools and Intranets.

I’d love it if the two schools my kids go to were to get a little bit more real online.  There is still no posting of assignments, timetables for things, sign up forms or anything.  Mark has had (like my other two sons before him) to set up his own learning ecology.  What do you do if it is 8.45am the night before an assignment is due and you want to do it – but where is the sheet, and it is not online?  What do you do if you forget the due date? etc.

There are two answers to this.

1. Support from the school. My session today will build on the talks I gave in Wellingon and Auckland in 2005.  How can a school set up an easy to manage, nurturing online presence to help with communication, interaction, teaching and learning?

Getting the platform is a doddle.  It’s the user transition to some new habits of mind that is not.  To think ahead: what needs to go onlne to make our jobs easy?  To improve outcomes?  To save time?

One nice school site: I don’t know what it is like BEHIND the scenes.

2. Do it ourself. Given nothing, MSN a friend, get them to scan the assignment sheet (since the school does not make it awailable electronically) and have it passed down the wire.

This is the really simple and basic stuff.

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