“Flexible Learning” towards a definition

In general this term is strong in Austalasia.  But there is still a lack of consensus on it’s precise meaning, especially when linked with the terms elearning and blended learning.

Mike is the representative of the Academic Developers group on the Flexible Learning group at UCTL, and has often raised the issue suggesting we are unclear about what Flexible Learning is.

Today I discovered this, an extract from an ACODE presentation on the Victoria University Flexible Learning Policy by Roger Gabb, Centre for Educational Development and Support, Victoria University Centre for Educational Development and Support:

Flexible Learning

  • is a form of learner-centred education designed to accommodate learner diversity
  • provides greater flexibility for learners in preparation for tertiary study, teaching and learning approaches, learning pathways, and points of entry and exit
  • provides increased learner choice in content, sequence, method, time and place of learning
  • does not always depend on technology and is unlikely to rely on online learning exclusively
  • encourages teachers to address students’ learning needs
  • involves the use of communications and information technology networks, usually the Internet, to support learning
  • online learning may include:
    • the provision of online learning resources
    • online support of student-student and student-teacher communication
    • online student assessment
    • online student learning support
    • online administrative services

I thought there were some gems of clarity in this, providing some sensible perspectives that will help ensuing dialogue over the issues of support, resourcing, time requirments and flexible/blended teaching. I could not find (in 4 minutes) a nice link to other work by Roger, or a home page.


Flexible learrning is a form of learner-centred education designed to accommodate learner diversity

More on this to come.

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