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The initial rush is just about to die down here, with the start to courses here at Canterbury.  here are just to many things backed up.

The Australasian Horizon Report

The Horizon report was interesting. The report is based around six types of emerging technology/applications that these guys (a panel of 45 on the advisory board) believe will impact higher education in Australia and New Zealand:

One year or less:

* Virtual Worlds & Other Immersive Digital Environments
* Cloud Based Applications

Two-three years:

* Geolocation
* Alternative Input Devices

Four-Five years

* Deep Tagging
* Next-generation Mobile

POV technologies.

Hmm.  Had to Google this. I read the post by Alex Hayes in the TALO group. I think I get the idea.

But there is NO clear definition of POV technologies that I can find.  Mayb like this:

Technologies (maybe head mounted video camera) that enables sharing the point of view of a person, where an intimate sense of what they are doing can be seen.  Like an apprentice fixing a timing chain.

Random Links:Wikieducator | Flier for Leigh’s Trip to Aussie where he will talk on this (March 24th 2009) | EDUPOV a company supporting POV technolgies in Education | Sony product.  One at random.

Deep Tagging is one of the Horizon trends.  This will benefit any POVTECH activity.


Got a lot to say here.  There is not much on the pedagogy out there yet.  On the affordances that Moodle offers.  If you are interested in some online workshops in experieincing Moodle, feel free to contact me.

Reflective practice

Presenting eight sessions on this over the next little while.

What is it? “Reflective practice is a concept used in education studies and pedagogy. It was introduced by Donald Schön in his book The Reflective Practitioner in 1983” (from you know where)

The practitioner allows himself to experience surprise, puzzlement, or confusion in a situation which he finds uncertain or unique. He reflects on the phenomenon before him, and on the prior understandings which have been implicit in his behaviour. He carries out an experiment which serves to generate both a new understanding of the phenomenon and a change in the situation. Schön, D. (1983) The Reflective Practitioner. (p68)

In other words: a special kind of reflective thinking to assist us to learn and develop.

Why Bother?

Misc refs: A defininition with more from Schon | On reflection, from the wonderful INFED site | A Higher Education Point of view

I’ll get my stuff on Wikieducator this week.

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