Educational Design: inside the black box

I’ve pinched this title from some of the work on formative assessment.  It is quite expressive of what I want to say.

I remain interested at the role commonly referred to as Educational Design with the two alternative titles:

  • instructional designer (more behavourist overtones maybe)
  • learning designer (a recent term)

I spent some time earlier in 2009 interviewing some educational designers on the processes they used in their work.

What happens between getting the brief (or the design specification) and producing a design/conceptual design?


I also asked them to describe some of their successful projects.

It has been very interesting to see the common features that have been emerging.

I would like to do a few more interviews: so if you are interested, please get in touch with me. Usually 20-25 minutes in a cafe, or we could meet via Skype.

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