Vancouver and OpenED conference

Next week I am off on a trip to Vancouver to the Open Education conference, and I am presenting a small paper on Personalization and Contextualization of resources as often being a problem in their further use.
After that I am taking part in the Future of Learning in a Networked World event. Yesterday I discovered we would be in Seattle at the same time as Gnomedex and I am just wondering about whether to make an effort to attend this. It is a little outside my usual activities but it looks like quite a remarkable gathering.

The plan:

7-11th August: interviews, cycling, Simon Fraser University, University of Britich Columbia
12-15th Conference
15-20th visits to sum sustainability education inititives
21-22nd, Seattle, then home.  Maybe Gnomedex.

TYPE 1 “Oh, I hear you are going away, enjoy yourself . .   (followed by random comments like Vancouver is great, Good conference, coffee when you get back, keep in touch, stay well etc etc)”
TYPE 2 “Oh I hear you are going away, I’ve been meaning to ask you to do this, can you do it now or before you go away?  Will you be on e-mail?  Who do I go to for problems?”
“This little job won’t take too long” (We have a saying “Yeah Right”)

And as I said elsewhere.  I’m interested in particular to meet up with Educational Designers.

One comment on “Vancouver and OpenED conference
  1. Scott Leslie says:

    Look forward to meeting you in Vancouver Derek. I passed around the URL for this post on twitter letting local Vancouver “educational designers” you might be interested to meet, so maybe that will turn something up. And if you are looking for something to do on the 11th feel free to signup for the Downes/Wiley discussion ( as it promises to be a good one, and it’s free! Cheers, Scott Leslie

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