Vancouver, Day zero.

Christchurch > Auckland > Vancouver (13 hour flight)

No camera (left it charging by the piano).  I felt so naked.  On thinking about this, I realise there is just that little niggle of guilt at being away, at feeling so free and unencumbered, with everyone else back home still in routine.  I realise though that I’d not be here if it weren’t for Phillipa and Bill.  When I firstly take the wrong suitcase at the airport, then later get the right bus in the wrong direction I do realise I am probably not cut out for travel alone.  I need people also.  The reason I like cameras is I can take snaps of the quirky things to share back home.  Nine buses to get from airport to E 1st avenue, and the flat (where I am staying with 5 20-something temporary flatmates)

I had to check the definition of twenty something.  I was curious if this was a specific demographic (ie a particular group or general ie any 20 something)

Tne definition was this I found:

A specific demographic group, those aged 20-29. Often Obama supporters (regardless of the country they live in), heavy drinkers, users of (and the souce of all the worthwhile-to-read definitions, as opposed to the adolescents that write the unfunny definitions that either profess their love for a gf/bf or proclaim their hatred of a schoolmate), students, servers, bartenders, clubgoers, in massive debt yet still optimistic, and believe that they can change the world if they just work together (until they reach the threshold age of 30, when 98% people realize the futility of their causes).
The author of this UD definition belongs to twenty-somethings demographic.
The courageous protesters at Tiananmen Square were mostly twenty-somethings.

The flat is cool. Takes me back 30 years.  Very very well organised, has various customs, welcoming, functional, and it’s only been going a short time.  I guess I put it down to Joel, who seems to have set it up. Shows the power of democratic leadership. Broadband.  Mainly vegetarian.  (I certainly will not cook meat here).

And the location. I have a choice of at least 60 places.  Tea is at an Italian place on Commercial Drive (Road?), with real italian spoken as 12 people congregate at the next table.  It dawns on me this is a very special part of town.  Music, cafes, organic shops, beggers.  To sleep.

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