OpenEd contribution 2: the minuses

This is the second post in a series.  See the previous post.

(perceived ) Barriers to Sharing resources

After some of the conversations, here are some jottings of perceived barriers to sharing resources. I realize there are more types of resources than just written items [such as video, audio and images].

Some of the stated barriers to sharing

  1. The sense of possession from the original creators of a resource.
  2. The perceived loss of control if the resources were used further.   Work may be “misused”
  3. The potential commercialisation of resources. Two specific feelings were expressed:
    1. A suspicion of others benefiting financially from reuse of the resources.
    2. The worry that the owner may in future want to commercialise, and a past free release may muddy the waters for a potential publisher.  The right type of license can help this, but not the attitude of a publisher.
  4. “I’ve put in all the work, why should I share it to benefit someone else?”
  5. Others may use the work to my detriment.
  6. Worry about putting work “out there”  Others may not like my work.

Related factors seem to include

  • the leadership of the institution
  • the leadership and management of the smaller teams. ‘Management’ includes aspects of work flow, scheduling, short and long term planning etc.

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