OpenEd preconference day

Plan to meet up with Randy Fisher today.  I know what he will ask me about.  I really should shift my stuff to wikieducator and kill off akowiki.  Got some questions as well.

OpenEd: already too much to think about.

Random sessions of particular interest

1. John Mott: PLE’s and LMS’s: “Traditional LMSs are not open. PLEs are. But there’s a gap between the two that poses problems for higher education. While PLEs promise significant improvements in student engagement, flexibility and transparency, institutions are struggling to manage student enrollments, gathering of student work, conducting assessment across various PLE spaces, maintaining secure student records (compliant with FERPA guidelines), etc. ”

Hmm.  What do I think of this?  One person I’d like to chat to.

2. More on this topic: “It is vital that education realizes the informatics ground has shifted.  We can now realize the pedagogical and information-architectural limitations of the CMS, and so choose wisely when to use it.  We can devote our energies to using social media more widely, but also more effectively.  A greater participation in Web 2.0 means more use cases, further discussions of practice, and further development of our collective knowledge.” Brian Alexander’s session.  Social media is Killing the LMS star.

I still like the secure home base as a lunching ground.  The wild west of just everything public is still a bit much for me.  Maybe my students also.  These two sessions look really well balanced.

More sometime.

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