A great conference

This is probably one of the best conferences I have ever been to.  Has a good mix of emergent and formal.

Some emergent conference planning principles:

  1. Provide minimal paper, and no conference bag.
  2. Minimal paper=conference programme in pocket size form.
  3. Provide wireless.
  4. Have a comprehensive website with things you need to know.
  5. Don’t provide food. Just park the conference near a ton of nice places to eat.
  6. Give 90 minutes for lunch.
  7. Have 15 minute breaks between all sessions. (45 minute sessions @OpenEd)
  8. One result is that conference organisers can potter round in a relaxed fashion and talk or catch up with people.
  9. Have fresh coffee and cold drinks on tap.
  10. Have an unconference stream.

It is the first time I have BEEN at the conference with microblogging.

Twitter feed has been fun. So: you can ask a question about where to go, what’s best, what’s happening – as well as comment on what’s happening, what’s significant.  There is probably more, this is just so I don’t forget.

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