Using the Blackboard

A comment from Maureen Bell at HERDSA led to an impromptu list of things teachers once learned:

  • Divide the board into sections
  • Hold the chalk at the horizontal
  • Use the same colours for headings and subheadings each time
  • Underline with a squiggly line rather than a straight line (because nobody can draw a straight line)
  • Keep a section for first appearance of terms, vocab
  • Throw the blackboard duster at a student
  • Rub off section by section so slow scribblers can catch up on copying what you wrote 10 minutes ago
  • Have blackboard monitors or helpers, beacause kids love erasing and clapping out dusters
  • Colour in a new blackboard with side of a piece of chalk, then erase normally to ¬≥prime¬≤ it for use
  • Fun fact: chalk is not actually made from chalk rock (calcium carbonate), but from calcium sulfate in its dihydrate form, gypsum.

From an e-mail Mike Dickison

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