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I’ve pondered for weeks how to make a first post on Moodle 2.  Here is my wish list.  I got the idea from Mark Deschler’s wish list post.  He has some great comments on how to get involved.  I’m always surprised with 1,000,000 people on why so few vote in the tracker.

You will notice there is nothing here about Mobile access, web 2.0, RSS.  The people I work with at the moment are not really there yet.

There is a little angst over some aspects of Moodle 2: the filepicker, the navigation, the lack of plugins, video mishandling.  But there is progress coming.


a Improved forums

This is my top priority. It was in train for Moodle 2.1 but has gon from the roadmap now.  Most of the items in this list have a tracker items, some have code as well.

  1. Save draft posts (How often do we want to write in two sessions?)
  2. Subscription at the thread level (Update: requested in 2004 with a huge number of votes now looking like some progress)
  3. Ability to freeze a thread
  4. Sticky threads
  5. Improved ability to mark forum posts for followup
  6. Export at the end of a course
  7. There are a few more . ..

Obviously the Open University ForumNG ( has a lot of these features. There has been talk of getting this into the core. (

b Blogs: minor enhancements

We have comments on blogs now. But

  1. Need ability to restrict blogs to view by course members
  2. Need ability to see a list of blogs for members of a course preferably with numbers of new posts.

Comment: Navigation around blogs has proved confusing for some.  Posts in the forums consistently confuse functionality of blogs with forums.

c Navigation improvements.

See image for a course navigation: we now have the navigation scroll of death. In workshops I’m finding users loosing their way. There are some unpredicatable actions.  Like when you click on a section title, you don’t go to that section.

Ideally include a simple section navigation block:


There are a few other aspects that I am sure will be addressed in future versions.

d Groups: Self enrolment options.

e Clone an activity or a template function.

Backup and restore just doesn’t cut it.
Late breaking news: this has been started.  “A x2 icon”

f Admin email notifications

  1. on account creation (e-mail to admi)
  2. on self-enrolment in a course (e-mail to teachers)

(Optional to receive these of course)

g Multiple file upload

Improvement to the Add a resource > File.
Some sort of multiple file deployment option. the old Flash uploader will not work now with the new files.  But something is needed.  And fix long menu links. (See above)

h Useability for admins

Less scolling to get to the “editing on” functionality, and the “Save and return” link. I like the new WordPress admin bar that appears at the top.  :


Think of the 12 most common functions this close in Moodle.  Ability to tweak the editor without server access.

i Improve media management

In 2.0.2 you cannot resize media.  May be fixed in 2.0.2+




4 comments on “Moodle 2 wish list
  1. Good point in (c) about the navigation improvements – this is one I’ve been coming to terms with since the introduction of 2.0, and although it is more consistent than 1.9, I agree that it can be quite cumbersome. Now we just have to think of a way that retains consistency but streamlines the navigation process… :)

  2. Mary Cooch says:

    Hi Derek – some very good stuff there and I definitely agree :) (But what do you mean about group self enrolment options ?)

  3. Derek Chirnside says:

    Mary: I mean for teachers to empower users to be able to join a group themselves. We had this plugin working for 1.9. It really should be in the core for a constructivist aspirant like Moodle.

    There is at least one plug-in for Moodle 1.9 from 2004 ( and thoughts in 2008 of getting it into 1.9 or 2.0 ( Implementation loks like it has stalled.

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