Starting out in Moodle 2.0+

I’ve now completed a few small pilot training sessions in Moodle 2 .0. Some general comments:

The same:

Workflow: Edit mode on, the Add resources/Add activities dropdowns, the icons, Sections
Forums (the bug with Q&A forums is still there)
Groups/groupings (except for new site wide groups aka cohorts)


  1. Navigation in the new Navigation block is a challenge, with the navigation block, section naming, docking etc.
  2. The new file system takes a bit of getting used to if you are used to Course Files in 1.9.  I have not enabled the Legacy Course Files repository.  The systems we use have no File System repository enabled.
  3. Blogs are looking more like blogs now, with comments. Some users are struggling with navigation.   Unfortunately you cannot restrict visibility to course level , and you cannot view all Course blog posts by student X.
  4. Gone: multiple file upload plugin, Journals (!)


  1. Conditional release, activity completion (enables simple dependencies to be built)
  2. Improved editor
  3. New wiki
  4. Blocks: Comments block, Course completion block, Private files block
  5. Private files for everyone, including students.  And they can ut images in forum posts.
  6. There are other things . . . .  have not used them yet . . .

Philosophicaly speaking I now see again the need to approach things in three stages. Much as I dislike standard workshops, I use this (linear) sequence, based on a very very simple course design.

  1. EXPERIENCE: See and experience Moodle as a student.  I do a field trip to Moodle in a course on Coffee Appreciation.
  2. DESIGN: Look at the design of the experience.  Critique it.  Plan a simple design for a section.
  3. BUILD: Implement it in Moodle.

I now have two basic workshops on offer: Online, a Month of Moodle and a three hour Design and Build in Moodle 2.

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