Workplace learning: professional trajectories

How do you help competent professionals in a field to become also competent in an education role?

I spent a week in Auckland in late March considering this question.  Moodle shut down on me.  Where better to work then Columbus Coffee

  1. You need an awareness of adult education principles (not just theory thought)
    I love Kathy Sierra’s concepts and delivery.  One random link.
  2. Y0u do not lecture.
    Huge debate on LinkedIn HETL Higher Education forum at the moment.  How can researchers in their field (eg forestry, aquatics or pi-meson theory) be so keen on evidence and process and so slow when it comes to Education Research on the basics?
  3. You use video
  4. You respect the knowledge already there.
  5. You remember: YOU ARE NOT INDISPENSABLE. All the romantic words: facilitate, guide, mentor, model.  Do it.
  6. Have hard edges where it counts. There can be no doubt about taking blood pressure, catheterisation, pill dosages, completeness and clarity in records.  (Just to name a few aspects)
  7. Have fun.
  8. . . .        use online wisely.

OK, the challenges of TIME, pressures of Goals not aligned with activities . . .
More will surface on this I am sure.

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