Moodle 2.0 Wellington workshop

After a false start (abandoned due to the February 4 earthquake) I made it to Wellington for a Moodle 2.0 workshop.  Details here.  If anyone from the TALO group is reading this (especially Leigh) then probably best to move on.

I still value Moodle as a Walled Garden.  I see this as a feature, not a bug.  Moodle 2 is a bit tough at first.  But I’ve taken a philosophical view: new users (or even old users) must experience it first.  Hence I do an EXPERIENCE  > CRITIQUE (DESIGN) > BUILD trajectory. And I think now (for my sanity as well as the good of the populace) it is actual essential for real and meaningful learning.  I try not to put myself in a position to do anything in less than 3 hours.  With snacks, pen and paper and space preferably.
How can you build a course in something using tools you have not experienced as a user?

Field trip to a Moodle course

I do an excursion to a coffee course:

It’s really nothing fancy: most people can find some strong feelings about coffee (either for or against) and you can see a few things in action  like forum posting, comments (in the comments block), watching a video, following a link, downloading a document and actually submitting an assignment.
Then glossary, wiki . .   maybe.

The critical question for my sessions has been “OK, put your teacher hat on now.  You’ve experienced a forum.  Of what value could this be in your classrooms”

Bullet points.  The value of Moodle for learning:

  • Enhances communication
  • Improves collaboration and interaction (providing some good tools)
  • Enables file and link sharing.
  • Saves time (Hmm!!)

Upcoming workshop: Monday and Tuesday of next week.  Four hours, including 30 minutes to get logged on and a really nice healthy afternoon tea. This time I think is the critical mass to prevent inoculation and actually infect.  Get some experience of good practice.  Build some relationships.

However, with the latest school project, bringing the science department and the social sciences online (with Moodle) I have made a course subject specific, and I am on the scrounge for some screen snaps of good Moodle courses.

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