My questions | my coach

I started with 20 questions.

I did not want to have to worry about getting to a computer, so the idea was my coach recorded the answers in Google Docs. I had a few work questions, some for home; some y/n and some with a score.  Some with the Marshall Goldsmith twist: “How much effort did you put into X?”


My coach was to contact me each night.  He text me, and I call him.  I wondered how much mental effort, how much distraction this would bring into a person’s life.  I guess smart phone alarms with a snooze function make this easier to actually manage.

After a week I actually met up with my coach for coffee at Coffee Club in Upper Riccarton. A fascinating experience.  It is a strange and oddly intimate experience to have these questions on critical issues talked about with a complete stranger.

How did it work?  Is it really going to achieve anything?  At this point, the jury is out.

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