My questions | week 4 | Part 2

Week three: my questions have changed twice in four weeks.  I have a perfect zero record for some of them.  And one nearly 100% success.  Some of my questions are simple.  For instance:

  • Have you done 10,000 steps?
  • Have you written two journal sentences?
  • Are you up to date with ALL your students?

I felt quite bad at times, and several times dreaded the evening call, when I knew I was on a streak of not doing too well.  How is it that we know we should do things, but we don’t?  I’ve been reading about the fact that our focus, our ability to resist distractions etc depletes over a day.

I’ve also finished reading Cal Newport’s book Deep Work.  Here is one random quote from his wonderful blog:

“[N]o amount of resolve will help a person unless he learns to budget his time and utilize it for accomplishment. For an undisciplined person’s days and nights are confusion, all of his time is confusion and is wasted. Every night he will say, ‘How did the day pass? I didn’t even feel it passing; it stole away from me and escaped.’ In this fashion, the next day and the following one will also slip away, wasted and used up on inconsequential matters.”

It’s the undisciplined person’s days I’m interested in.  Building discipline, building focus is not trivial.

In facing some of the questions I’ve even been tempted at times to just not answer truthfully, I feel a little voice “It was just a bad day, it’s quite justified me not doing X”.  I know the key: find some of the habits which form the basis for other successes during the day.  They have been called “cornerstone habits”.  Exercise n the morning.  Prayer/mediation early.  Routines.

How long does a call take?  Well, this is interesting.  My coach has been really good.  Generally quite deadpan. We have got down to less than 2 minutes quite often.

Is change happening? Yes.  Some of the indicators have risen from 61% to 73%; some are clumped: getting my diary sorted or doing a proper review had helped several other categories.  I’ll hopefully gain some clarity on this over time.  I now usee Cal Newports page per day planning approach which I may write about sometime.  Here is one representative link.

Sadly, it is probably an all or nothing thing.  You can’t dabble.

So in summary: Most nights me and my coach have co-incided, six days a week.  He’s asked me the key questions I really need to be focusing on.  I’m there a the end of his calls.  Sometimes it’s good, sometimes not so good.  But it is quite hard work.

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