Derek & Associates

Learning Matters . . .

  • Online/blended learning support.
  • Moodle staff development: workshops, training plans, course template development
  • Course design: video clip production. resource development
  • Teacher development
  • Teaching
  • Learning community support

It’s now some months since I left the University of Canterbury after 9 1/2 years .  Now, with part of my life I am contracting.  What do I call this little enterprise?  I considered Ilamsunset (something nice and meaningless, that could cover anything I wanted to do) but the advice I received was that ‘sunset’ industries are not at their peak.

Good, simple, memorable names with available web addresses are not easy to come by, and I did not have time to think more.

So: Derek Chirnside and Associates it is.  The obvious question everyone asks is who are the ‘Associates’.  At present former casual staff at the University that I have served with: Aaron, Mark, Jenny, Joel – and two others who have not worked there.  A great bunch to work with!!